How it Works?

Setting up the app to unleash the power of your sales team



Install the Sales team templates to your store with a single click

This will copy the sales team liquid templates and register the javascript files to theme files on your store.


Create a sign up page for sales reps with a single click

This will create a sign up page on your storefront, so that folks can sign up as sales reps. You can accept or deny these requests form the admin side of the app.



Select the features that you need

Sales team offers multiple features for your team. If you do not need a feature, you can simply turn it OFF/ON any time.


Set up the commission structure that you need

Sales team app lets you set up commission in one of five ways. Different commission per rep, per prodcut type, per product, on the profit margin or on the total sales per tiers .



Add sales reps to your store

This is the last setup step. Add reps to your store. Once you add reps, they will now see the backoffice on your store's front end after they login.


Powerful featues for you sales team

Client Invoice

Rep can create and send an invoice (draft order) to their customers for faster checkout. Once this invoice/draft order is paid by the customer, it will create an order in shopify .

Additional sub-features on the advanced plan.

  • Auto-tagging – If a new customer pays the invoice/draft order that the rep creates, then the customer is tagged to the rep. This is a big incentive for the reps, as once a customer is tagged to the rep, the rep will get a commission when the customer places a re-order.
  • Create custom Discounts: Give your reps the ability to give discounts in the invoices they create. Invoice/draft orders with discounted prices have a higher probability of converting to an order.


Affiliate links

Each rep will get an affiliate link and our app will do the affiliate link tracking. Admin can select the time duration for which the affiliate links will be valid for tracking orders.

Additional sub-features on the advanced plan.

  • Microsites with rep picture and bio: Give the ability to each rep to create their own short link to your store, upload their picture and a welcome message/bio. Whenever a customer uses the affiliate link, the reps picture and welcome message/bio will show up.
  • Auto-tagging – If a new customer uses the affiliate link to create an order that the rep creates, then the customer is tagged to the rep. This is a big incentive for the reps, as once a customer is tagged to the rep, the rep will get a commisson when the customer places a re-order.


Discount codes

Create and assign discount codes to reps. Reps can share these discount codes and our app will track whenever these discount codes are used and give commission to the reps.

Additional sub-features on the advanced plan.

  • Create one time discount codes : Give your reps the ability to create a one-time use discount code , so reps can use these to close sales by offering a special one-time use discount to prospective customers. Admins can set the max discounts that the reps can give.


Tag Customers to rep Commission

(available on advanced plan): Your reps can add customers to your stores. Once a rep adds a customer, that customer will be tagged to the rep. Our app will track commission on orders from customers who are tracked to the reps. Hence your reps are highly incentivized to add customers to your store. Admins can also assign customers to reps from customers section and the app's admin section. If a rep leaves your company, you can reassign those customers to other reps from the admin side.


Set Team Managers and their Commissions

Admins can make reps as team managers. Team managers will see a “Team” tab in their back-office. From here the managers can add reps to your store and their teams. When a rep under a manager makes a sale, our app will track a the team manager commission as well. This team manager commission is customizable. Team managers can also see the sales performance of each rep.


Share cart

reps can create carts and share it (on social media, email etc). If a customer uses the shared cart to make a purchase, our app will track the commission to the reps.


Track POS orders

Our app can track commission from the POS system. Each rep gets a PIN for logging into the POS system. This 4 digit PIN is converted to user_id , which can be seen in the Reports section in shopify admin. Just enter the user_id for each rep into our app and we will track all POS orders and assign commission to the correct reps. When you use a POS machine in your shop, shopify will provide a login pin. When you turn this feature on in the sales team app and set POS code for each rep, your rep can use that pin in the POS machine to login and that sales commission will go to the logged in rep automatically.


Tag Orders to Sales Reps

If admins want to tag orders which were placed before our app was installed on your store, then admins can use this feature to tag orders to reps and our app will track the commission.


Wholesale Discounts for your reps

Let reps buy from you at a discounted rate.

Additional sub-features on the advanced plan.

  • Quantity Based - wholesale discount based on the quantity of products.

App Pricing

Available plans


Monthly Package


Upto 20 reps
Sales rep sign up page
Client invoices
Affilaite links
Discount coupons
Wholesale purchases for reps
Flexible commission structure


Monthly Package


All basic plan features +
Upto 70 reps
Client invoice advanced features
Affiliate link microsites
Tag customers to reps and return customer commission
Share cart
Team manager
Reps can create One time discounts
Quantity bases Wholesale discounts
POS order and commission tracking

Customize the app

Customize the App to your business requirements

We have customized the app for over 50 clients. Few of the customizations we have done so far.

Cart page updates

Customers can select a rep before checkout and our app will track the commission.

Weekly/quarterly commission reporting

Instead of showing montly commissions on the admin side and rep backoffice, show weekly/quarterly commissions.

Add Custom fields to Sign up page

We can customize the sales rep sign up page according to your business requirements.

Fb live parties

Reps can create party ids and app will track orders to each party.

Custom Commission model

Give different commission per sku, vendor, etc. Any commission logic that your business needs.

Create Orders

Give the reps ability to create orders for their customers, instead of invoices.

Automatic discounts in invoices

Add discounts to invoices automatically, based on the customer tags, product quantities, sku, etc. .

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